Keg Frank is the life of the party. He has been called the official "keg stand" stand and a lot worse. Known for hanging around beer distributors and following keg rentals out the door, Keg Frank is a perfect fit for cooling down all shapes and sizes of kegs, cans or bottles. Like the rest of the family he is tough as nails and virtually indestructible. Keg Frank features: crush proof pipes, heavy duty flat -rolled galvanized steel body, stock love handles, svelte 22" diameter waist and a drain flange when its time to release the fluid. Unlike the rest of the family, Keg Frank can be direct screen printed in full coverage head-to-toe that lasts for years indoor and out. Keg Frank has been permanently painted with all types of slogans that include "Keg Rentals: Call 1-800" , "Craft Beer Here", "For your next Kegger call...", "Rent Me", "I never promised you a rose garden" and "Herb Lover". Obviously not of one-dimension Keg Frank's talents transition from parties to patio's, planters, herb gardens, pet grooming wash tubs and long life outdoor advertising. What a Tank!


Color: Natural Silver

Size: 23" Diameter x 11" H

Imprint: Blank. For custom decals or direct printing call for quote.

Packaging: 18lbs per unit. 32 units per skid. Box: 24" L x 24" W x 12" H

Production time: In stock (while supplies last)


                                                                         Pricing per Unit (CAN)
 1 24 48 96
$114.00 $110.00 $106.00 $104.00

Shipping point: London, Ontario, N6C2V8, Canada                                                                          (4G)


                                                                         Pricing per Unit (US)
 1 24 48 96
$75.00 $72.50 $70.00 $67.50

Shipping point: Portage, Wisconsin, 53575, USA                                                                                (4G)