This fantastic product has the most utility and covers the broadest demographic of any product we sell. Also, its an item that every recipient would carry on their person. While admittedly the only Canadian content is the 3M adhesive on the back side, the smart wallet sticks on any cell/smart phone and allows you to carry up to 4 pieces of ID on the back of your phone. Debit cards, credit cards, drivers license, student card, meal card or employee identification. This product allows you ditch your purse or wallet using your phone as a carrier for all your ID while promoting our country's 150th birthday with the spectacular 10 colour Canada 150 logo. Simple and easy to use, just peel and stick!

Size: 87 H x 56 L x 3 W mm
olor: black with 10 colour Canada 150 logo
Decoration: silkscreen

Pricing per Unit

 1 100 500 1000
 $5.99 $2.99 $2.49 $1.99